Bison (formerly Argyle Performance Workwear) has over 40 years industry experience and has grown and developed into a leading supplier of Safety Workwear and Footwear.

Within the Bison family we have our highly acclaimed Arcguard brand, synonymise for High Risk Workwear and our other popular brands TWZ and Turu have now been revamped to the Bison brand.

Our Workwear and Footwear is designed and developed in New Zealand, with expert teams working with the world’s best materials, fabrics and techniques while focusing on safety, innovation, endurance and wearability. Combine this with our knowledge in safety advice and exceptional service, we continue to prove Bison’s reputation is well deserved. 

With ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO45001 certifications Bison is focused on continually improving our processes to ensure we are serving you the best we can. Our goal is to ensure your experience is first class every time!